We offer a variety of hair treatments to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, including oru Malibu Hair Treatment and Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment.

Malibu Hair Treatment

Our Malibu Hair Treatment removes build-up from your hair, such as well water, Chlorine, product, and color build-up. If your hair feels rough and dry, even when it’s wet, if it’s difficult to comb, or if your color fades quickly and becomes brassy, your hair may suffer from the buildup caused by well water. This is especially true for those living on the Eastern Shore or other areas that rely on well water.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Our Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment deeply penetrates the hair to repair dry, damaged hair. We infuse your hair with rich ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, natural oils and lipids that can help combat damage caused by coloring, heat and daily styling.


Malibu Treatment $25
Deep Conditioning Treatment $15